Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Favorite Job

MY PAL D.J. AND I have been toiling over new URL homes for some old hard-copy articles and papers. We're trying to forge links for that "Writing Sampler" list over on the right-hand column of this page. I have had to pry open many old boxes. Some of the contents have not aged well, aesthetically speaking. Some are painful.

Most of those old pieces, both bad and less bad, were fun to write. Maybe not "fun," exactly, but certainly enjoyable. And nothing was more enjoyable than producing the 200+ daily columns and the unsigned copy of the old Liberty Tree website (RIP, 1998). All the intellectual property of Liberty Tree was bequeathed to Grist, an altogether excellent (and solvent) venture of Chip Giller and his colleagues. Grist beats Liberty Tree seventeen ways to Monday, but Liberty Tree holds up OK, I think, as an innovative experiment in the crystal-radio days of the early Internet. And, man, was it fun.

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